Bercher & Partner takes over CADdy Elektronik

Since 1983 Bercher & Partner was working together with Ziegler Informatics as a development partner for CADdy Elektronik. CADdy EDS has been completely developed by us.

During the last years the market has changed. Concentration on kernel fields, direct ways between customer and producer and high support competence became more and more important. Now we will meet these demands by new structures: effective on 1st May 2001 Bercher & Partner takes over the full responsibility for CADdy Elektronik products. This covers all rights and duties of existing support- and leasing-contracts.

Direct support by us is continued in the known manner ( and of course there is further development on CAddy EDS. Hotline support is available from now on by number 0049-(0)7542-9380-0.

Development goes on

Additional activities are necessary and have been started already. Help systems and manuals are being adapted to guarantee an appropriate documentation of further developments, installation programs are being developed, and so on.

Most of these works have to be done only once, but our time schedule for the first half year has become invalid. The beta test CADdy EDS 9.0 makes sense only when these activities are completed. This will be the case in July 2001 presumably. The usual support for the released version CADdy EDS 8.0 and for all add-ons will continue unchanged.This has highest priority always.


CADdy EDS - Decide for the Future !